Monday, 28 November 2011

The Pianist

            This movie leaves you impressed. It does not discharge from the lungs to anything non-binding films. It is a psychological drama about the war and genocide of the Jewish people. To learn how to survive in humans is not a simple war. Selection of actors, costumes, scenery is great! Plot fascinating and very interesting. You have no idea what will happen next. You sit in nervous anticipation and can not tear your eyes ...
            It would be a mistake to say, and that to us, in the past, it will not affect us, the problems of Jews or that of any other category of people. I am convinced that a prosperous future is possible when properly and sensibly assessed the past.
           The Pianist" is one of my favorite movies. However, I believe that one must first read the book itself, "Warsaw diaries 1939-1945." Roman Polanski has not changed the story, which is quite commendable. Feel the atmosphere of that time, tensions. You do not know what might happen, you're afraid.
          Germans occupiers, Jewish slaves, and the good servants of the Polish woman who helped the main character. Do not leave it unattended and a German officer Wilhelm. Such people did exist, but they were only 1 in 1 million Germans. Being threatened with being shot, he did everything to help the poor Jew.

            And this is perhaps one of the few films where Russian is not "malicious invaders poor of Poland and the Baltic states", as the true liberators who saved the world from the fascist plague.
This picture is worth watching, it is necessary to draw conclusions, and should strive to believe otherwise, this future.

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