Monday, 28 November 2011

            One of the favorite holiday in Russia - March 8. Everyone knows that in this day and sing praise a woman. Here are just some reason most people associate the holiday with Clara Zetkin, apparently without realizing that in ancient Rome there was a so-called Women's Day.
                    Women's Day March 8
            Roman matrons of that day were wearing the best clothes and perfume the most pleasant smells. Beautiful ladies were surrounded by care and love their husbands, who present them with gifts.Slaves, too, were not deprived of gifts, they also allowed in this day does not work, and indulge in a carefree dreams.
 Married ladies, dressed in beautiful clothes and gorgeous wreaths on their heads, be sure to visit the temple of Vesta homemaker, worshiped her and asked for blessings for their family and home.
                                                History on March 8, Women's Day story
           Centuries later, with the development of civilization, women began to fight for equal rights with men. The first such news is occurred on March 8 in New York in 1857. Toiler factories (footwear, clothing), organized a demonstration, demanding to shorten the working day for women up to 10 hours, improved working conditions, increase wages. It should be noted that while they worked about 16 hours, and received with much less than men for similar work. Remarkably, this day by the fact that the first trade union was established, which consisted of women. It was also the beginning of the struggle for voting rights for women.
                                      The eighth story of the holiday in March
            In 1908, the eighth day of March women are already struggling to ban child labor and working conditions in factories. Of course, the struggle continues and voting rights. A year later, last Sunday in February it was announced in the U.S. National Women's Day. Now it is time to speak at the scene of action to Clara Zetkin. There is no doubt that this woman is closely connected with this holiday.After all, with her light hand, the world had this holiday. This activity is a lady sent her tireless energy to the organization of the revolutionary women's squad to fight for their rights. In Copenhagen, at the International Conference of Socialist Clara Zetkin had proposed the celebration of March 8 as Women's Day, in memory of women in New York. Women around the world responded to the appeal of Clara and thought it my duty to take part in the struggle against injustice.

             History and the celebration of March 8
          To Russia this holiday got in 1913. Since that time, in our country it is feeling well. During the Soviet period, this day is gaining momentum and has firmly holds its position. In 1965, the government makes a gift to women, and declares it is not working. Since then, Russia has a very wide and gladly celebrated International Women's Day. While in other countries and also knows about that day, but it is their common and everyday.
          Russian women are more fortunate than others, men of honor and pamper gifts and increased attention on this day. It remains only to wish that this day lasted the whole year.

I always look forward to this day ;)))

The Pianist

            This movie leaves you impressed. It does not discharge from the lungs to anything non-binding films. It is a psychological drama about the war and genocide of the Jewish people. To learn how to survive in humans is not a simple war. Selection of actors, costumes, scenery is great! Plot fascinating and very interesting. You have no idea what will happen next. You sit in nervous anticipation and can not tear your eyes ...
            It would be a mistake to say, and that to us, in the past, it will not affect us, the problems of Jews or that of any other category of people. I am convinced that a prosperous future is possible when properly and sensibly assessed the past.
           The Pianist" is one of my favorite movies. However, I believe that one must first read the book itself, "Warsaw diaries 1939-1945." Roman Polanski has not changed the story, which is quite commendable. Feel the atmosphere of that time, tensions. You do not know what might happen, you're afraid.
          Germans occupiers, Jewish slaves, and the good servants of the Polish woman who helped the main character. Do not leave it unattended and a German officer Wilhelm. Such people did exist, but they were only 1 in 1 million Germans. Being threatened with being shot, he did everything to help the poor Jew.

            And this is perhaps one of the few films where Russian is not "malicious invaders poor of Poland and the Baltic states", as the true liberators who saved the world from the fascist plague.
This picture is worth watching, it is necessary to draw conclusions, and should strive to believe otherwise, this future.

Olimpic Games 1980

             July 19, 1980. Opening ceremony of the Summer Games of the XXII Olympiad. August 3, 1980 Closing Ceremony of the Games. What a fit between these two dates, which for thirty  one years, we remember the days of the Moscow Olympics with aching heart feeling of nostalgia? Who does not remember the famous Moscow Olympics! A fantastic discovery, lush, vivid, unforgettable! And it all began on October 23, 1974 The International Olympic Committee (IOC), provided the capital of the Soviet Union the right to host the Summer Olympics in 1980. For the first time the Olympics were  held in the socialist countries.
          Games mascot-80 was good-natured creature -teddy-bear Misha - a successful embodiment of strength and daring - qualities needed by athletes. It - the age-old hero of Russian folk tales, historical symbol of the harsh but beautiful Russian countryside.
           When Moscow was preparing for the Olympics Games, the architects had a task - to show the "capitalist world" is how Moscow has changed over the period of the Soviet Union. Professional designers have provided all the details: for example, if the growth of the tenant of  apartment suddenly found himself more than 2 feet - and this is not uncommon among athletes! - They prepared for him an unusual bed length of 2 meters 30 centimeters.
           And just for the scenario plan, 19 July at 4 p.m., above the stadium there was a chime of bells Kremlin, exploded dozens of powerful loudspeakers.
            The solemn sounds of festive overture by Shostakovich - music poster Games - alerted the audience about the beginning of the opening ceremony. After the Olympic flame was lit, thousands of pigeons flew over the stadium. A theatrical performance began, involving adults and children.
            The opening ceremony of the Games was accompanied by an artistic background to "screen" which were followed by 174 different "paintings". This giant color "screen" created in the East stadium 4.5 thousand trained athletes. Each of these sets were colored flags, removable shirt-fronts, drawing pictures and caps. Changing the colorful flags and other props, they created a mosaic pattern, replacing one another. Official opening ceremony of the Games of the XXII Olympiad were completed anthem of the Soviet Union.
               Olympic Games in Moscow overshadowed by the fact that the capitalist countries boycotted the games. A group of members of the U.S. Congress stood for something, to bring the Olympic Games of the Soviet Union in any other country. Of the 144 countries that were members in 1980, the Olympic Games in Moscow was attended by representatives of 81 countries. Completely boycotted the Games USA, Germany, Canada, Japan and China. Government of the United Kingdom, Italy, Austria and other countries of the Western bloc just didn't "recommend" their athletes to come to Moscow. Many of the recommendations, resembling the threat is not perceived by showing uniting meaning of Olympism.
               USSR team won in Moscow 80 gold, 69 silver and 46 bronze medals. Also, our team had nine world records. These results taken together didn't achieve, no team in history.
                At the end of the closing ceremony the audience was surprised. In the middle of the field, grabbing a bunch of balloons floated huge "Misha." Waving goodbye to his paw, he rose high above the stadium, and disappeared into the sky. Many spectators' eyes filled with tears.
                 Thousands of people staring at the sky with tears in their eyes accompanied Mishka, departs afar and taking with them the symbol of the Olympics-80, and wrung from it in their hearts! Many people still welling tears at the thought of departing in the sky Olympic Mishka. Everyone remembers our teddy bear. Good-bye, see you soon. (
                 And indeed, after so many years, Russia is hosting the Olympic Games. This time it's Winter Olympics. It will be held in the beautiful resort city that is Sochi! I do not know what will come up with my country at this time, but I have no doubt that it won't give up its past. We are waiting for the grand event to be held in 2014. Welcome to Sochi!

Live or death?

          The Bible, the Koran, the writings of ancient Chinese and Indian authors writing Mayan heritage and other sources of missing and still alive civilizations mention natural disasters, like the past and future that humanity has to be experienced yet.
           Natural disasters have a negative impact on the global economy and bring death and destruction. Hurricanes, floods, tsunamis, earthquakes, volcanic eruptions, drought - financial losses from these tens of millions of dollars.
            Are we waiting for the fate of the mythical Atlantis or Earth will perish at the hands of man. Responses to this question. One thing is clear, natural disasters, an integral part of our lives. They can’t be prevented, but only to meet fully prepared to minimize the impact. Because of that, now people are trying to save the Earth
                                   In the center of a large, where the grass is not growing
           The main problem of all the major cities is the lack of greenery. But this situation can be found out, as did the inhabitants of the Peruvian city of Lima. Now the streets of this city are decorated with small green islands that have appeared there in the project "Invasion Verde" (Green invasion).
                                Advertising -ruminant creativity on the streets of Venice
            The huge gum on the walls and streets of Venice - creative public service announcements designed to make people throwing chewing gum into the urn.
                                                                 Earth Day
             This action was first held in 2007, was designed to draw attention to environmental issues. Then, 50 million people switched off lights for an hour in their homes. Now this action acquired global scale.
              What will happen to our planet over hundreds of years? We have to think about it. Will our descendants live on the Earth? And if so, what air they breathe? Let’s save our planet!

Monday, 21 November 2011

Children or adults?

         Why men are called boys? Yes, each of us is a child, but that men more often referred to as children. For all women simply easier to think so. After all, men are very different from us, the "weak gender" of humanity.
           The men mostly don't like surprises. Men happy to choose their gifts in advance and get great pleasure from the fact that he handed is not a surprise, but the pre-selected his own gift. For me personally, it's much easier. But many of the female leads in horror. Why men don't like surprises, beautiful boxes and ribbons? Most likely because it is important to note the men, and not what looks like a gift.
The men's attitude to the problems
            I've learned that if you want to share with male issue, and warned him in advance that you don't need an advice. He just has to listen to you. Otherwise, he will ask the questions "What are you going to do with it?" or "I think you need to do this and this" and will continue to translate the conversation to plan, then it is not great in terms of women. After all we expect from him another. And he can even ask, "Why are you telling me this at all?" Naturally, we would be offended and won't talk to him.
The silence
            Sometimes the conflict is between a man and a woman are due to nonsense. But the consequences are different. And if a woman is silent, it really hurt. And the longer a woman is silent, so are usually worse for the relationship. It is much easier to approach us, to hug and ask for forgiveness. . But most men prefer not to do so immediately, thereby exacerbating relations.
           Dear men, we do not ask so much from you. Just be patient a little to the women's moods, and we will be patient with you.

Tuesday, 15 November 2011

New Year

              Each of us has a favorite holiday. For me, one of the most important and most popular holiday  is the New Year.

              This festival has a great story. Since ancient times, people celebrated the New Year. However, every nation and every country have their own way to celebate it. For example, during the excavations of ancient Egyptian pyramids, archaeologists found the vessel on which was written: "The beginning of the year." In ancient Egypt the New Year was celebrating during the flood of the Nile River (around the end of September). Spill the Nile was very important, because  the corns could grow in the dry desert. The new year statue of the god Amun, his wife and son were placed in the boat. The boat floated down the Nile month, accompanied by singing, dancing and merriment. Then the statue have made back to the temple. Also the Romans in the BC began to give Christmas gifts and have fun all night long New Year, wishing each other happiness, luck and prosperity.
               In ancient Rus (now Russia) New Year celebrated on March 1st. This date is considered the beginning of the revival of nature and the expectation of the new crop. It was only in 1699, when Peter I, returned from a trip to Europe and ordered count the years from January 1.
Now, for most people in Russia, New Year is a family holiday. Meeting him, we must carry out the old year. To do this, the whole family, relatives, friends, sit down at the table and remember what happened in the past year. We seemed to leave all the bad things in the old year and enter the new year with a light of hope.
                An important part of the festival is a feast and gifts. There is a sign of "A good year beginning makes the whole year good." Therefore, every woman is trying to put on the table as many dishes as she can make.
                As for gifts, they are bringing great pleasure to both adults and children. Children believe that the Father Frost (Replacement of Santa Claus) give them the gifts. He has a granddaughter, the Snow Maiden, who helps him. Typically, children usually find the gifts under the New Year tree.
                 In addition,  since I can remember, none of the New Year is complete without fireworks. The whole sky is in the bright lights and during the clinking of glasses you make a wish, which will necessarily  come true in the New Year.

Friday, 11 November 2011

Parkour or

         Parcour has appeard recently, but it is one of the most popular extreme sports.This can be attributed to its accessibility, as for doing this kind do not have to buy expensive equipment, bicycles, etc. All that is needed for parkour is on the streets in large numbers. From the person requires only the desire and the desire to improve, to engage inactive sports, not afraid to hurt.
          What places are suitable for training in parkour? These are: stairs, trees, homes, garages, rocks, construction. The name of Parkour came from France. That's where there was the philosophy of overcoming obstacles regardless of its apparent obstruction. It uses only the strength and will of man. It turns out that he comes face to face with an obstacle, and nothing and no one could help him, only himself. This is a sport for the strong body and spirit.
           People involved in parkour are called traceurs. It's usually young people with an active lifestyle, which has something to prove. They take everything from life, that they don't need spend their strength in vain, don't use drugs or drink alcohol. They always know what they want. Traceurs are successful in everything, always achieve their goals, and therefore are very much appreciated.
              Parkour is an extreme sport but it's not the most dangerous kind. However, in 2005 in Oxfordshire accident. 14-year-old schoolboy wanted to jump off a building of their school ina neighboring house, but came to the edge, slipped and fell down from the 6-meter height.After this incident started bad talking about parkour.
              In parkour is important to approach every trick in mind and not make reckless actions. Then the bones will be intact