Monday, 28 November 2011

Olimpic Games 1980

             July 19, 1980. Opening ceremony of the Summer Games of the XXII Olympiad. August 3, 1980 Closing Ceremony of the Games. What a fit between these two dates, which for thirty  one years, we remember the days of the Moscow Olympics with aching heart feeling of nostalgia? Who does not remember the famous Moscow Olympics! A fantastic discovery, lush, vivid, unforgettable! And it all began on October 23, 1974 The International Olympic Committee (IOC), provided the capital of the Soviet Union the right to host the Summer Olympics in 1980. For the first time the Olympics were  held in the socialist countries.
          Games mascot-80 was good-natured creature -teddy-bear Misha - a successful embodiment of strength and daring - qualities needed by athletes. It - the age-old hero of Russian folk tales, historical symbol of the harsh but beautiful Russian countryside.
           When Moscow was preparing for the Olympics Games, the architects had a task - to show the "capitalist world" is how Moscow has changed over the period of the Soviet Union. Professional designers have provided all the details: for example, if the growth of the tenant of  apartment suddenly found himself more than 2 feet - and this is not uncommon among athletes! - They prepared for him an unusual bed length of 2 meters 30 centimeters.
           And just for the scenario plan, 19 July at 4 p.m., above the stadium there was a chime of bells Kremlin, exploded dozens of powerful loudspeakers.
            The solemn sounds of festive overture by Shostakovich - music poster Games - alerted the audience about the beginning of the opening ceremony. After the Olympic flame was lit, thousands of pigeons flew over the stadium. A theatrical performance began, involving adults and children.
            The opening ceremony of the Games was accompanied by an artistic background to "screen" which were followed by 174 different "paintings". This giant color "screen" created in the East stadium 4.5 thousand trained athletes. Each of these sets were colored flags, removable shirt-fronts, drawing pictures and caps. Changing the colorful flags and other props, they created a mosaic pattern, replacing one another. Official opening ceremony of the Games of the XXII Olympiad were completed anthem of the Soviet Union.
               Olympic Games in Moscow overshadowed by the fact that the capitalist countries boycotted the games. A group of members of the U.S. Congress stood for something, to bring the Olympic Games of the Soviet Union in any other country. Of the 144 countries that were members in 1980, the Olympic Games in Moscow was attended by representatives of 81 countries. Completely boycotted the Games USA, Germany, Canada, Japan and China. Government of the United Kingdom, Italy, Austria and other countries of the Western bloc just didn't "recommend" their athletes to come to Moscow. Many of the recommendations, resembling the threat is not perceived by showing uniting meaning of Olympism.
               USSR team won in Moscow 80 gold, 69 silver and 46 bronze medals. Also, our team had nine world records. These results taken together didn't achieve, no team in history.
                At the end of the closing ceremony the audience was surprised. In the middle of the field, grabbing a bunch of balloons floated huge "Misha." Waving goodbye to his paw, he rose high above the stadium, and disappeared into the sky. Many spectators' eyes filled with tears.
                 Thousands of people staring at the sky with tears in their eyes accompanied Mishka, departs afar and taking with them the symbol of the Olympics-80, and wrung from it in their hearts! Many people still welling tears at the thought of departing in the sky Olympic Mishka. Everyone remembers our teddy bear. Good-bye, see you soon. (
                 And indeed, after so many years, Russia is hosting the Olympic Games. This time it's Winter Olympics. It will be held in the beautiful resort city that is Sochi! I do not know what will come up with my country at this time, but I have no doubt that it won't give up its past. We are waiting for the grand event to be held in 2014. Welcome to Sochi!

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