Monday, 28 November 2011

            One of the favorite holiday in Russia - March 8. Everyone knows that in this day and sing praise a woman. Here are just some reason most people associate the holiday with Clara Zetkin, apparently without realizing that in ancient Rome there was a so-called Women's Day.
                    Women's Day March 8
            Roman matrons of that day were wearing the best clothes and perfume the most pleasant smells. Beautiful ladies were surrounded by care and love their husbands, who present them with gifts.Slaves, too, were not deprived of gifts, they also allowed in this day does not work, and indulge in a carefree dreams.
 Married ladies, dressed in beautiful clothes and gorgeous wreaths on their heads, be sure to visit the temple of Vesta homemaker, worshiped her and asked for blessings for their family and home.
                                                History on March 8, Women's Day story
           Centuries later, with the development of civilization, women began to fight for equal rights with men. The first such news is occurred on March 8 in New York in 1857. Toiler factories (footwear, clothing), organized a demonstration, demanding to shorten the working day for women up to 10 hours, improved working conditions, increase wages. It should be noted that while they worked about 16 hours, and received with much less than men for similar work. Remarkably, this day by the fact that the first trade union was established, which consisted of women. It was also the beginning of the struggle for voting rights for women.
                                      The eighth story of the holiday in March
            In 1908, the eighth day of March women are already struggling to ban child labor and working conditions in factories. Of course, the struggle continues and voting rights. A year later, last Sunday in February it was announced in the U.S. National Women's Day. Now it is time to speak at the scene of action to Clara Zetkin. There is no doubt that this woman is closely connected with this holiday.After all, with her light hand, the world had this holiday. This activity is a lady sent her tireless energy to the organization of the revolutionary women's squad to fight for their rights. In Copenhagen, at the International Conference of Socialist Clara Zetkin had proposed the celebration of March 8 as Women's Day, in memory of women in New York. Women around the world responded to the appeal of Clara and thought it my duty to take part in the struggle against injustice.

             History and the celebration of March 8
          To Russia this holiday got in 1913. Since that time, in our country it is feeling well. During the Soviet period, this day is gaining momentum and has firmly holds its position. In 1965, the government makes a gift to women, and declares it is not working. Since then, Russia has a very wide and gladly celebrated International Women's Day. While in other countries and also knows about that day, but it is their common and everyday.
          Russian women are more fortunate than others, men of honor and pamper gifts and increased attention on this day. It remains only to wish that this day lasted the whole year.

I always look forward to this day ;)))

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