Monday, 21 November 2011

Children or adults?

         Why men are called boys? Yes, each of us is a child, but that men more often referred to as children. For all women simply easier to think so. After all, men are very different from us, the "weak gender" of humanity.
           The men mostly don't like surprises. Men happy to choose their gifts in advance and get great pleasure from the fact that he handed is not a surprise, but the pre-selected his own gift. For me personally, it's much easier. But many of the female leads in horror. Why men don't like surprises, beautiful boxes and ribbons? Most likely because it is important to note the men, and not what looks like a gift.
The men's attitude to the problems
            I've learned that if you want to share with male issue, and warned him in advance that you don't need an advice. He just has to listen to you. Otherwise, he will ask the questions "What are you going to do with it?" or "I think you need to do this and this" and will continue to translate the conversation to plan, then it is not great in terms of women. After all we expect from him another. And he can even ask, "Why are you telling me this at all?" Naturally, we would be offended and won't talk to him.
The silence
            Sometimes the conflict is between a man and a woman are due to nonsense. But the consequences are different. And if a woman is silent, it really hurt. And the longer a woman is silent, so are usually worse for the relationship. It is much easier to approach us, to hug and ask for forgiveness. . But most men prefer not to do so immediately, thereby exacerbating relations.
           Dear men, we do not ask so much from you. Just be patient a little to the women's moods, and we will be patient with you.