Friday, 11 November 2011

Parkour or

         Parcour has appeard recently, but it is one of the most popular extreme sports.This can be attributed to its accessibility, as for doing this kind do not have to buy expensive equipment, bicycles, etc. All that is needed for parkour is on the streets in large numbers. From the person requires only the desire and the desire to improve, to engage inactive sports, not afraid to hurt.
          What places are suitable for training in parkour? These are: stairs, trees, homes, garages, rocks, construction. The name of Parkour came from France. That's where there was the philosophy of overcoming obstacles regardless of its apparent obstruction. It uses only the strength and will of man. It turns out that he comes face to face with an obstacle, and nothing and no one could help him, only himself. This is a sport for the strong body and spirit.
           People involved in parkour are called traceurs. It's usually young people with an active lifestyle, which has something to prove. They take everything from life, that they don't need spend their strength in vain, don't use drugs or drink alcohol. They always know what they want. Traceurs are successful in everything, always achieve their goals, and therefore are very much appreciated.
              Parkour is an extreme sport but it's not the most dangerous kind. However, in 2005 in Oxfordshire accident. 14-year-old schoolboy wanted to jump off a building of their school ina neighboring house, but came to the edge, slipped and fell down from the 6-meter height.After this incident started bad talking about parkour.
              In parkour is important to approach every trick in mind and not make reckless actions. Then the bones will be intact

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