Monday, 28 November 2011

Live or death?

          The Bible, the Koran, the writings of ancient Chinese and Indian authors writing Mayan heritage and other sources of missing and still alive civilizations mention natural disasters, like the past and future that humanity has to be experienced yet.
           Natural disasters have a negative impact on the global economy and bring death and destruction. Hurricanes, floods, tsunamis, earthquakes, volcanic eruptions, drought - financial losses from these tens of millions of dollars.
            Are we waiting for the fate of the mythical Atlantis or Earth will perish at the hands of man. Responses to this question. One thing is clear, natural disasters, an integral part of our lives. They can’t be prevented, but only to meet fully prepared to minimize the impact. Because of that, now people are trying to save the Earth
                                   In the center of a large, where the grass is not growing
           The main problem of all the major cities is the lack of greenery. But this situation can be found out, as did the inhabitants of the Peruvian city of Lima. Now the streets of this city are decorated with small green islands that have appeared there in the project "Invasion Verde" (Green invasion).
                                Advertising -ruminant creativity on the streets of Venice
            The huge gum on the walls and streets of Venice - creative public service announcements designed to make people throwing chewing gum into the urn.
                                                                 Earth Day
             This action was first held in 2007, was designed to draw attention to environmental issues. Then, 50 million people switched off lights for an hour in their homes. Now this action acquired global scale.
              What will happen to our planet over hundreds of years? We have to think about it. Will our descendants live on the Earth? And if so, what air they breathe? Let’s save our planet!

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