Monday, 24 October 2011


       We often hear the word "fraud." In Russia especially widespread cheating with cell phones.  Analysts say that in 2005 the global mobile operators  lost about $ 25 billion from the cell fraud. 
       In Russia, the most common fraud is called "Your relative is in trouble". What does it mean? This means that someone calls you and says  that your relative is in trouble. For example, let it be an accident in which nobody was hurt. You are being offered to send 1,000 rubles (about $ 34) on account of your relative, he can pay for treatment. An attacker tells you the phone number and wants you to send money to him or to know the code. No one offers you to talk with your relative , and you really want to help him and give money. Cooks at the end of their workday go to your mobile operator and refuse rooms, getting the amount from the account in cash. To prove their guilt is almost impossible.
        I know about this kind of fraud. One day I received a message saying that my sister had an accident. And I would believe it, but there was only one  problem . I don't have sister. I'm lucky. Because if I receive the massage about my brother, I would have immediately sent the money. But not all people have sisters and brothers.
       It is the most common example of cellular fraud.  My country only know about fraud. Encouraged by the fact that every year crooks have got worse. Fraudsters were caught and punished. But don't relax: there are thousands of crooks walk free. Stay alert and don't let every rascal to take your money.

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