Monday, 17 October 2011

A choice 
      Sometimes life puts us in a deadlock and leads  to solve difficult problems.
     This is absolutely a real case that occurred in the middle of 20th century in England. In British universities, on the psychological faculties, this case is like the worst choice in the history of one man. The film begins with the life of an ordinary family, father and son. In parallel, showing the girl's life junkies. "The Bridge" - a story about an ordinary man who once stood before a difficult choice ...
     Once ther was  a man. He had the only joy that made ​​him rejoice in every moment, and just enjoy life in a cozy and cool Czech town. It was his son, that he loved very much and with who he tried to spend most of the time.The man worked as a bridgemaster for the railroad. He followed by those moments when you need to lower or raise the bridge for the train. One day he took his son to the  work.The boy loved to watch the trains. Perhaps he wanted to be like daddy. He also liked to watch people who traveled on them. He examined them and each time discovered something new for himrself. After all, they are so different ... People who were lonely, angry, selfish, hurting and addictied. But the hero did not expect that on this day he would make the hardest choice of his life. Those people would be for him the decisive link.
   A tragic mistake which made the main character led to a terrible choice. His son's life or unfamiliar passenger's of the train? It is necessary to admit to such, not everyone can be solved, especially when you have only seconds to decide ...
   What can you do? Allow everyone on the train to die or  pull the lever and allow his son to be crushed by the bridge...  And he makes a decision. He sacrifices his son's life ... The only native and dear person for the sake of the lives of those that you care about, but the do not need you ... Those who are lonely, bitter, narcissistic and dependent. But if you think about it, the main character has a chance to correct those people. He gave them a chance to think and realize that something wrong in their lives. 
    The salvation of all required the sacrifice of one most dear. And let this film is realized only one person, but in real life  it can happen with anyone. The Sacrificeof one bought hope for the future. It helped save hundreds of lives. 
    Recently, we used to see movies where people in these situations sees no reason to live. Here, the protagonist finds the strength, he finds that hope for new life. And even seeing  it on the street ... Seeing the face of a smiling boy, who is the son of that drug addict.  The main character realizes that he made ​​the right choice.
   This is how much God love the world: He gave His son, his one and only Son. And this is why: so that no one need to be destroyed; by believing in him, anyone can have a whole and lasting live. (Jhon 3:16 (The Massege))
    I think that this film made ​​us all think. What would we choose? Son or strangers? One Life to hundreds of others? Would you pull the lever?

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