Tuesday, 4 October 2011


The idea of the advertising is the fact that even angels can not resist the smell of a new legendary deodorant. In the roles of angels are models of the fashion industry: Magda Klebanska (Poland), Adewole Betty and Frances Phillips (UK), Sara Sampson and Josipa Jankovic (Portugal), Ivanovic Josipa and Iva Grdic (Croatia). Advertisement was filmed in Croatia. I think the ad has a great success in the commercial world.  Amazing music immediately attracts the attention of viewers. And then you can see the wonderful design and beautiful people. The slogan also plays a big role in this ad. "Even angels will fall". I think the ad is attracting the attention of buyers in any countries. I like this commercial because it differs from other. Perhaps many people agree with me.


  1. I love it , and you wrote a great description.

    for me I will gave you 10 marks for this. :)

  2. Much better!

    (I REALLY loved this ad. Thanks for showing it to me.

    Mark: 2.